Dyf was born in Paris, October 7, 1899. He was considered a figure, still life, and landscape painter from the French School. Frost and Reed of London represented Marcel Dyf for most of his entire career. It was during their 1987 exhibition that Marcel Dyf's untimely death was announced. His death brought ever closer the end of an era. Dyf was one of the few true post-impressionist still living. The 1987 exhibition was closed until the estate could be properly sorted. In 1990 Frost and Reed organized a Retrospective Exhibition which was overwhelmingly received.

Dyf like many other young French artist, was heavily influenced by Pierre A. Renoir. Dyf took the influence of Renoir and developed his own definite style. During his early career, Marcel Dyf started exhibiting at the Salon des Artists Francois, Salon d'Automore and Salon Des Tulleries (at the Louvre). His acceptance was immediate and his career became more than ever expected. It was during these exhibitions that Marcel Dyf was introduced to Frost and Reed of London. Frost and Reed's interest may have been the single most important event in his career. It was through them and their contacts that Marcel Dyf began exhibiting in London, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, and many other international cities. It was through them and their efforts and Marcel's popularity that prints of all his work were being produced and sold throughout the world.

Museums: Smith College Museum of Art, Northhampton, MA; Musee Arlaten.